15-17 Sep 2016 Marseille (France)


The Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (INT, http://int.univ-amu.fr) carries out world class research in fundamental neurosciences, from cellular to cognitive levels. This institute is dedicated to fundamental and clinical neuroscience and includes about 130 scientists (CNRS, INSERM), clinicians, technicians, postdocs and PhD students. This year, after the sudden death of Laurent Vinay, we decided to organize the 3rd INT conference in his honnor. The Laurent Vinay's conference will be held here in Marseille at our institute. Laurent devoted his life to science, he contributed to unravel the mechanisms involved in plasticity of spinal networks in the functional and developmental plasticity of the spinal cord in normal conditions and after traumatic injury. All these topics will be discussed during this meeting which will last two days and a half. Poster sessions will break the day in combination with a lunch-buffet. The 3rd INT neuroscience conference will be held on sept 15-17, 2016.

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